When I meet or hear of amazing people doing big things that are making a positive impact, I want the world to know.... and that is why I write. 

Here are some stories I've told. For inquiries, email: kim@serveyourheart.org or submit a Contact form.


Simon Sinek - "Together is Better"

Kindred Adoption - "Spreading love across the globe"

Donnie Edwards - "You have to have a good heart"

Trevor Hall - "Getting out of my own way"

Published to TUT Blog - "You are not your circumstances"

Michael Franti & Sara Agah - "Life is Better with You"

Mike Dooley - "Notes from The Universe"

Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. and Sr. - "Change the world by changing YOUR world"

Jason Mraz cover story - "Celebrate the Ordinary Moments"

Deepak Chopra's Global Meditation - "The World is Waking Up"

The One Love Shelter - "In my dream life I adopt them all."

Tara Butcher - "A 2nd Chance at Life"

Yoga Gives Back - "Dedicated to alleviating poverty in India"

Robert Sturman - "The Prison Yoga Project"

Change Heroes - "How can I shake the world, because it needs to be shook!"

Amy Ippoliti - "Activism through Yoga"

Bhava Ram - "Warriors for Healing"

WaterLust - "Connecting the World through Water"