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The One Love Story

The One Love Movement is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit founded in 2011 by Kim Bauman. Kim did leadership training with Off the Mat Into the World for two years and it was through this work that she realized the source of her passion for wanting to make a difference. Through service trips to Haiti, Thailand, and Cambodia, and working with a huge spectrum of under-served youth, she had the opportunity to spend time in orphanages connecting with kids. 

"I remember the moment so clearly. It was February 2012 and we were at an orphanage in Haiti that overlooked the most beautiful landscape. I was sitting on the edge of the property looking out into the beauty and it hit me, my story. I was an orphan as a baby in Korea, adopted into a very loving family. This was the first time I had ever been present to how blessed I was in life. Up until this moment, I had never been exposed to such raw circumstances to appreciate where I had come from. It was the time spent with these kids in Haiti that opened my heart to a vulnerable state to where I have a responsibility now, because I have experienced moments of their life. I see myself in them and there's no reason growing up in an orphanage couldn't have been my life too. The hardest to comprehend is why me? I am not any better or more special then these kids, but I got picked for a better life. Nobody gets to choose what they were born into, and because of my blessed life, my mission is to touch as many kids as possible and make a difference for them."

Kim currently lives in San Diego, California where she volunteers full-time for The One Love Movement, teaches yoga, and hosts a podcast show "One Love Heroes".