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Seoul City, Korea

"Let the actions I take be my message to the world."

~ Kim Bauman

My dream is to find the orphanage I came from, go back to volunteer, and create a One Love project to help the kids living there whose shoes I was once in. 

Once upon a time I was an orphan in Korea....  here's a peek into my journey to make a difference for kids I see myself in, kids who may never get the blessed life I get to live from being adopted. Come with me as I find the people who were instrumental in getting me to where I am today. My wish is to get to meet all of these special souls and say THANK YOU.... the Dr. who found me abandoned, my birth Mom for having the courage to have me rather than abort me, the social workers who reported I would be a fit to be adopted, the caretakers at the orphanage.... I want to thank them all and let them know how beautiful my life is because of them.

March 13, 2017 - Yesterday I found this! My baby passport from Republic of Korea. My name was Soon-Ei Son. There was also paperwork from the social worker who had to write reports about my behavior at the orphanage and she said "baby laughs loudly, she does not act spoiled, she seems very smart. She is adaptable and would be a good baby for a family." Yay! These discoveries are so inspiring to me. Thank you social worker who ever you are, for recommending me for adoption! It's crazy to think about all the small intricacies that go into your life. What if the social worker would have observed me on a day when I was a brat and wouldn't stop crying? What if the social worker was having a bad day and mindlessly going through the motions of the job? Would the turnout have been the same? Thinking about all of the possibilities really has me notice how I do and don't contribute to others, and that I'm crazy grateful for this life I get to live. I'm getting closer to finding the orphanage I came from, and am planning a volunteer trip to Seoul City this Fall to give back. Stay tuned for more! Thank you for being on this journey with me. Love, Kim Bauman