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Meet our Heroes

Episode #4: Laura Sykora

Laura Sykora (@laurasykora) is an internationally-known yoga teacher from New Jersey. It's a rarity to spot her upright as she is usually found in a handstand. I asked Laura what she says if people ask what she does, she says, "I'm a mom". We hope you enjoy this fun, light-hearted conversation as much as we did where we talk about Laura's yoga career transitioning out of a 9-5 office job, being couch potatoes, the story behind her name..... and lots lots more! Thank you for listening! 


Episode #3: Jason Mraz

"I'm Yours"... the catchy tune we can't get out of our heads by the one and only Jason Mraz @jason_mraz! We are so incredible honored to welcome Jason to our One Love Heroes family where he talks about pieces of his life to include high school, the making of "I'm Yours", how he proposed to his wife, stand up comedy..... and much more! We hope you will enjoy this conversation as much as we did! Thank you for listening. 



Episode #2: Seane Corn

Seane's organization, Off the Mat Into the World, is the reason The One Love Movement exists today. I found my life's purpose through working with Off the Mat back in 2011. I would not be where I am today if it wasn't for getting to train and work with Seane and the Off the Mat team. Because of this it is with my most grateful heart ever that I present to you Seane Corn, my One Love hero. Click here to listen.


Episode #1: Kathryn Budig

I met Kathryn in 2014 and instantly fell in love with how real she was. It's easy to think that the people you look up to walk on water. Kathryn has problems just like us, she has self-doubt just like we do. Seeing her live out loud & true to herself has made her my hero for authenticity. 

I hope you enjoy our show! Thank you for listening.


Kim Bauman

We are thrilled to get to bring you our new podcast

One Love Heroes

A show about ordinary people with extraordinary stories. We'll bring you stories of love, hope, and courage from around the world - some from people you'll already know; others from people you'll want to know.

When we meet amazing people doing big things, we want the world to know. Come along with us as we set out to discover the hero in all of us.

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