listen more

Friends! Do you ever hear that whisper? That inner voice that calls to you? And it may be scary, it may be unreasonable and it may be a huge leap of faith??? Listen to that. That's your calling, it will lead you where you're meant to go, trust it and say "yes". 

My speaker coach, Patrick Combs, is helping me prepare my talk for our August 19th One Love charity yoga event! And he just said the most beautiful thing to me. He was acknowledging my story of how I discovered my purpose in life and said, "it's as if The Universe is looking down on you in amazement, and so proud of what you've done with your life and it says to you... every time I whispered in your ear, you said yes." 

Thank you for that encouragement Patrick! I'm so inspired to continue to follow that voice, what I know is true to me, even when I feel alone, even when I feel scared.