kids helping kids

Meet Ella Koehnen. She is 5 years old and she is the President of our One Love project "Kids Helping Kids"! And hang on guys, there's more! This was her idea! She heard about what we're doing over here at One Love and asked if she could help "get kids to help kids".

We'll kick off this project at our 6th Annual Charity Yoga event! Our events are not just for adults or yogis, they're for everybody. Whether you're 5 like Ella, you've never done a yoga pose in your entire life, or you're 80 years old, we love you all. One Love ❤️. Join us Sat. August 19th, 2017 in San Diego! If you have kids or know kids who want to join our crusade for "kids helping kids" come volunteer & practice yoga with us! 
Questions? Contact Chelsea (Ella's Mom) and she'll ask Ella: 💕😇 or go to our website for all details: