your thoughts create your world

Today has been a birthday to remember. Thank you Jason Mraz for w/o knowing it, making my bday special. About 2 months ago I started having these thoughts pop into my head telling me Jason Mraz was going to make my bday special. I ignored them because that's crazy! But they kept happening! And then 3 weeks ago after a lot of emailing, Jason invited me over to record a One Love Heroes podcast show with him!! He proposed 3 different dates and guess what?! Today, May 13th was one of them!! So I got to spend the afternoon hanging out at Jason's house on my birthday! I got to try the most delicious fruit from his orchards, his Mrazberry chocolate handmade by his wife, connect with his human-side, and he gave me one of those really cool glass water bottles with LOVE etched on it. I'm so blessed. This is my life. I cannot believe it. And to think I woke up this morning feeling insignificant. It's amazing how our thoughts can create our reality, literally. That's the good news and the bad news. How you say things are, is how they are. The next time you have a crazy thought that you think would never happen in your wildest dreams, listen to it. Give it space, acknowledge it, and then let go.

Look for my conversation with Jason out soon! Have you subscribed to One Love Heroes podcast yet?? Search it on iTunes or your podcast app. THANK YOU Jason! I love you to pieces! Can't wait for more.