the start of finding my family

After all these years I had thought I was left on the doorstep of the orphanage. Last week I got a phone call from Dillon International, the agency that orchestrated my adoption back in 1975. They shared with me that I was left abandoned by my birth mom at a maternity hospital the day after I was born. My heroes are Dr. Cha and Miss Choi. Dr. Cha had taken me in and made sure I was in good hands with social services and Miss Choi is the case worker who monitored me. This news has left me with such amazement to think about all the systems and people that were in place to get me to my family. My heart is filled with excitement and wander to know more. I want to find Dr. Cha and Miss Choi because I want so badly for them to know how they changed my life. I want them to know how wonderful my life has turned out because of the decisions they made for me back then. THANK YOU. I am so grateful. Image is of me at several months. This is the only photo my parents were given before adopting me.