a heart-warmer

Here's a heart-warming story you must hear... Meet two of our One Love Heroes ❤️, Donnie & Kathryn Edwards (@d1944 @katedwards8). When I was in India this past Nov. Donnie texted me saying he has a buddy in Bangalore he wants me to meet. How great! I have maybe 2 friends there so I was excited, plus knowing Donnie, he only hangs with good eggs. Next thing I know I'm meeting with his friend Ramesh and within 15 minutes of meeting he says, "Kim, here's what I want to do for you, I'm going to sponsor renovating your entire shelter. My staff will manage the contractors, the work, and make sure we are as efficient as possible as we know this will be an interruption for the kids." Wait, what?! Did you really just say that?! I was floored and in disbelief. My head was struggling processing this but my heart knew this was the real thing ❤. Wow. A new, clean space for my kids with proper electricity, plumbing, etc. this was something I always dreamed of but had no idea how or when. Thank you Donnie for the surprise connection and for sharing about One Love! Thank you Ramesh for knocking my socks off and for your compassion & heart. This is a dream come true 🙌🏼. Before/after pics will be up soon! 🤗❤ Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays everyone!