angels on earth?

This past week has proven to me that angels are not fairytale figures who fly around with a halo overhead, rather they are real-life people who look like you and me, who have a schedule just like the rest of us, who stress out, who want to be their best, who make mistakes, who sometimes feel like they aren't good enough..... just like you and me.
I am writing this post to humbly acknowledge a "silent angel investor" who came into my life, is passionate about helping kids, and wants nothing more than to make a difference out in the world. This person is a yogi, a big-time movie producer, and a parent. Because of their sponsorship, your ticket purchase to our 5th annual One Love charity yoga event will be a 100% donation towards kids here in San Diego, and to our One Love shelter in India.
Ahh, my heart is beaming and it's moments like this that make my eyes well, my pulse quicken, and that inspire me to keep on following my heart, take chances, and trust how it will all unfold.
This person has asked to remain anonymous because they wanted to give without all the fuss. Thank you to our One Love Angel. We have no words. Just know we are so incredibly grateful.
Friends! We hope you will join us for this very special event, Sat. 9/24 at Waterfront Park, downtown San Diego. Tickets start at $22, more info at ❤️