when life is not Black & White

This morning I woke up at 4am feeling the restlessness of jet lag but the gratefulness for my life. Last night one of my besties Julia (@jsparkyoga) picked me up from the airport with a Kevita in-hand and a bag full of healthy foods to help restore myself from 24 hours on the plane back from India. So thoughtful! 🙏🏼 She asked me to tell her something meaningful about my trip and what I keep coming back to is that I'm inspired by the grey areas of life. For so much of my life my perspective has been either bright colors or black & white and if I didn't see one of those extremes then something was wrong and I had to fix it. Coming back from India and getting to spend 21 straight days with "my kids" I see that there's so much to celebrate when the day is just grey. Having nothing to say is just as meaningful as having something to say. Having no plans is just as fun as having plans. It's okay to feel blah, to be bored, to feel uninspired or think you're up to nothing. As I integrate myself back into the culture shock of how we live here vs. how they live there, I am able to bridge the seemingly astounding "grey" gap by surrendering to this newfound perspective and seeing that it's the grey part of life that connects and softens us to humanity. So Julia, to answer your question, what's been meaningful is learning that I can let go of the harsh, black & white reality of how I think something or someone should be, and doing that allows my mind a space to rest in where I judge less and can feel comfort even when I'm passing through the in-between, grey spaces of life. Thank you friend! I love you