what if all kids thought Education was #1 ?

It's jaw dropping to experience how serious these kids take their education. I was there during their week of exams and we would play every evening after school on their grounds, either cricket, badminton, soccer, or just hanging out. One by one they would come up to me and say "Auntie, I go study, see you at the home". At first I was confused. Um, did that 12 year old just tell me on his own free will that he was gonna leave the playground and all his friends to go study? And they all did that. No one was saying to them "times up, no more playing it's time to study". No one. They chose it on their own. Wow. Not one complaint or grunt, with a smile each boy left when he felt he needed, and went back to the home to study. 
I'm not sure how you grew up but in my world, that just didn't happen. Not with me and my sisters or kids I've baby sat over the years. The wining, the complaining, the struggle to stop playing for homework was real. 
These 20 boys at our shelter, they continue to humble and inspire me.

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Photo capture by the incredibly talented: Sagar Bhagat 📸