why the One Love Shelter?

One day my 84 year old yoga client asked me, "how did you adopt your shelter in India, and why that shelter and why India?" I didn't realize until she asked me this that it all came together when I learned to step back and let life shape how it was supposed to. I naturally want to control the outcome of something or want to know how it’s going to turn out before it does. 

It was never a goal or a mission for The One Love Movement to adopt a shelter, it was never an aspiration to work in India. For the longest time I was very attached to how I wanted things to be as I grew One Love and when things didn't go how I had planned I would think it was a sign that maybe this was not my calling, maybe I was supposed to be doing something else.

Fall 2014 I went to India to volunteer. I was in Rishikesh then decided to fly South to Bangalore out of a simple Instagram conversation. Prachi, co-founder along with Amit, of a local Indian organization called Leave UR Mark (LUM) had invited me to come volunteer with them through commenting on one of my Instagram posts! LUM places international travelers with volunteer programs in Bangalore, Goa, and Mumbai.

It was on this trip that I realized I didn't need to have the entire life of One Love mapped out. I realized that magic happens in those spaces when you are completely present and have freed your grip on things. I realized that the people you need most show up in those magical moments. I realized that I didn't need to know what I was going to do with One Love or how I was going to get there because I knew my WHY—to help kids that I see myself in, kids who may never get the blessed life that I get to live from being an orphan adopted. 

I’ll never forget Amit’s words, “I want to take you to this small shelter, there’s something about these boys, they are very special.” Three trips later it's Fall 2015, I went back to see the kids and I just knew. In that moment, there was no question, no discussion, no asking anybody what they thought. Dedicating One Love to helping these kids was answering my WHY. 

Be willing to give your whole heart to your life but then also be willing to step back and let things go. Trust that there’s something bigger than you out there, trust that there’s a bigger plan, far bigger than your mind can fathom. Let go and the right things will show up.

Thank you Prachi and Amit! I am so grateful for the work you do and for connecting me to these kids. To volunteer India, check out Leave UR Mark.