the world is One Family

This is why I love India! I have yet again, another story about a stranger's love. This is Sara! I just met her today and immediately she insisted I come over and she will cook for me. She made me homemade poori (fried dough), an omelet, tomato chutney, and masala tea. It was so incredibly yummy. I got to meet her two sisters, her mom, a cousin and a niece. They were all so excited to have me--a stranger off the street--in their home. Four times the mom grabbed my hands, held my face, kissed my forehead and told me I was sent by God to help kids. Wow. What?! Is this really happening? I was so moved and touched by this family's loving way. India is the most loving, welcoming culture I've ever experienced. This kind of love comes my way every single time I'm here, it's not just a one-time thing, it's countless because Indians believe that we are ONE FAMILY. I'm so grateful that this is my life. Thank you God, thank you The Universe for these blessings.