life on purpose

The right people and the right circumstances always come together magically and I don't take any of this for granted. My time here in India is nothing short of magical. Last week I met a fellow American traveler, Shannon, where in getting to know each other I had mentioned that I write for Yoga Digest Magazine. She then said, "Oh! I'm only in India because of an article I read in Yoga Digest two years ago." It turns out that I wrote the article she was inspired by to book her trip to India. What?! Wow, the synchronicity of this was dumbfounding. She just happened to read that article, I just happened to be the writer, and two years later we find ourselves meeting in India. 🙌🏼💛
With just 2 more weeks left here, I approach each day with real listening and an eager heart to do good. I am humbled by my experiences in India and undoubtedly see that even bigger things are coming. Every day I get to live out my dreams, every day something happens that brings me closer to my vision. Thank you God, thank you The Universe. 🙏🏼💛