how quickly I can make something right, wrong

It's been 11 days since I left home to India, and was still feeling complacent up until yesterday. This is my 5th trip back and because of that I have the expectation that I should just be able to slide into life here, and since I had not been able to, something was wrong. My mind was telling me things like, "what do you think you're doing? why are you here? you don't fit in" ....Ah, the joys of being in my head, and how quickly I can make something right, wrong. 
Meet Praveena, she is a shop owner in Bangalore and this is her shop. Out of nowhere she asked me where I was from and within minutes she had told me to come back Saturday and she would have home cooked meal for me. And so I returned to her shop yesterday and sure enough, she had lunch waiting for me, an amazing vegetarian biryani. Today she is picking me up and taking me to her home. This is India. This is what makes this culture so unique and special. From my very first trip this is how it's been. Strangers off the street inviting me in for tea or dinner, offering to give me a ride to my next stop. And the beauty inside all of this is that I feel no hesitation, I say YES immediately, I feel safe and cared for by complete strangers.