believe in your wildest dreams

There's nothing more heart-warming and comforting than someone who gets you. A few weeks back I got to spend time with my dear friend & One Love Ambassador Sheri Matthews who gave me a care package for my trip to India which I was about to embark on. Along with hand sanitizer, TUMS, you name it was this Oprah magazine and there was a note inserted dated Jan. 2018 and here's what it said: "Dear Kim, Thought you'd like a copy of my magazine you're in. So proud of you, keep being you, love Oprah!" ❤️ If you know me at all you'll know that Oprah is my end-all and that one day she will be a One Love Ambassador, that is my dream. When I got this "manifesting Oprah" gift from Sheri I was so moved, my face hurt from smiling, and I felt like I was walking on air. For Sheri to do this, no doubt she gets who I am, she's gets that all I do is dream, and no matter how far-fetched my dreams she believes in me. Thank you Sheri! I love you to pieces, you have no idea. 🙌🏼💜