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Friends! Do you ever hear that whisper? That inner voice that calls to you? And it may be scary, it may be unreasonable and it may be a huge leap of faith??? Listen to that. That's your calling, it will lead you where you're meant to go, trust it and say "yes". 

My speaker coach, Patrick Combs, is helping me prepare my talk for our August 19th One Love charity yoga event! And he just said the most beautiful thing to me. He was acknowledging my story of how I discovered my purpose in life and said, "it's as if The Universe is looking down on you in amazement, and so proud of what you've done with your life and it says to you... every time I whispered in your ear, you said yes." 

Thank you for that encouragement Patrick! I'm so inspired to continue to follow that voice, what I know is true to me, even when I feel alone, even when I feel scared.

i see you

Remembering Tanzania 🙌🏼 This little one stared up at me just like this for the longest time, at least 20 minutes we played like this. I was dying, such a sweet moment, and my first time ever to a baby orphanage. Thank you again to all who supported this project! Whether it was monetary or energetic loving kindness, know that you made an impact on these kids 

kids helping kids

Meet Ella Koehnen. She is 5 years old and she is the President of our One Love project "Kids Helping Kids"! And hang on guys, there's more! This was her idea! She heard about what we're doing over here at One Love and asked if she could help "get kids to help kids".

We'll kick off this project at our 6th Annual Charity Yoga event! Our events are not just for adults or yogis, they're for everybody. Whether you're 5 like Ella, you've never done a yoga pose in your entire life, or you're 80 years old, we love you all. One Love ❤️. Join us Sat. August 19th, 2017 in San Diego! If you have kids or know kids who want to join our crusade for "kids helping kids" come volunteer & practice yoga with us! 
Questions? Contact Chelsea (Ella's Mom) and she'll ask Ella: 💕😇 or go to our website for all details:

your thoughts create your world

Today has been a birthday to remember. Thank you Jason Mraz for w/o knowing it, making my bday special. About 2 months ago I started having these thoughts pop into my head telling me Jason Mraz was going to make my bday special. I ignored them because that's crazy! But they kept happening! And then 3 weeks ago after a lot of emailing, Jason invited me over to record a One Love Heroes podcast show with him!! He proposed 3 different dates and guess what?! Today, May 13th was one of them!! So I got to spend the afternoon hanging out at Jason's house on my birthday! I got to try the most delicious fruit from his orchards, his Mrazberry chocolate handmade by his wife, connect with his human-side, and he gave me one of those really cool glass water bottles with LOVE etched on it. I'm so blessed. This is my life. I cannot believe it. And to think I woke up this morning feeling insignificant. It's amazing how our thoughts can create our reality, literally. That's the good news and the bad news. How you say things are, is how they are. The next time you have a crazy thought that you think would never happen in your wildest dreams, listen to it. Give it space, acknowledge it, and then let go.

Look for my conversation with Jason out soon! Have you subscribed to One Love Heroes podcast yet?? Search it on iTunes or your podcast app. THANK YOU Jason! I love you to pieces! Can't wait for more.

a new perspective

In planning for our upcoming TEDx event, I got to spend Easter Sunday at the Donovan prison in San Dieg. Wow. What an incredibly moving experience to get to connect with inmates and hear them share pieces of their life. One man got up who has been in prison for 20 years. He had shared that at the time of sentencing if he would have pleaded guilty he would only have been given 12 years, in other words he would have been released 8 years ago today. He did not plead guilty and was sentenced 40 years to life. He'll be up for parole in his 70's. As I sit here writing this my mind is in a state of disbelief. What would I do if I had to create my world within the walls of a prison for the rest of my life? How would I keep myself going, how would I find purpose? In trying to process this, chills run through my body and I look around with such gratitude for all that I have. This inmate was so humbled and spoke in a way that I could feel his pain, he talked about how grateful he was for being in prison because it had him realize how much he had hurt others. I could feel his remorse and it was whole-hearted. Listening to him had me look at my own actions and wonder who I've hurt without being aware of it. It's so easy to have no clue how your actions impact others. I don't know these men's full stories or what life was like for them before prison but what I do know is that "hurt people, hurt people". And while I do feel we are all responsible for our own actions and that there are consequences tied to that, I also feel part of that responsibility is to have compassion for all walks of life because unless you've lived my life or I've lived yours, we can't say for sure we could have done better. We can only speak from our own journey which immediately already taints our beliefs and ways of thinking. It's impossible to truly understand how life's events have shaped another's actions.

I left Donovan feeling very choked-up realizing how precious this life is and because I was dealt the royal-flush-hand at life, feeling an even bigger responsibility to humanity from being so blessed. What if we were all softer to the ones that hurt us or rubbed us the wrong way? That's something I'm working on myself, patience and compassion during those times because "hurt people, hurt people" and we've all been there.

the start of finding my family

After all these years I had thought I was left on the doorstep of the orphanage. Last week I got a phone call from Dillon International, the agency that orchestrated my adoption back in 1975. They shared with me that I was left abandoned by my birth mom at a maternity hospital the day after I was born. My heroes are Dr. Cha and Miss Choi. Dr. Cha had taken me in and made sure I was in good hands with social services and Miss Choi is the case worker who monitored me. This news has left me with such amazement to think about all the systems and people that were in place to get me to my family. My heart is filled with excitement and wander to know more. I want to find Dr. Cha and Miss Choi because I want so badly for them to know how they changed my life. I want them to know how wonderful my life has turned out because of the decisions they made for me back then. THANK YOU. I am so grateful. Image is of me at several months. This is the only photo my parents were given before adopting me.

the start of my grateful life

Yesterday I found this! My baby passport from Republic of Korea. My name was Soon-Ei Son. There was also paperwork from the social worker who had to write reports about my behavior at the orphanage and she said "baby laughs loudly, she does not act spoiled, she seems very smart. She is adaptable and would be a good baby for a family." Yay! These discoveries are so inspiring to me. Thank you social worker who ever you are, for recommending me for adoption! It's crazy to think about all the small intricacies that go into your life. What if the social worker would have observed me on a day when I was a brat and wouldn't stop crying? What if the social worker was having a bad day and mindlessly going through the motions of the job? Would the turnout have been the same? Thinking about all of the possibilities really has me notice how I do and don't contribute to others, and that I'm crazy grateful for this life I get to live. I'm getting closer to finding the orphanage I came from, and am planning a volunteer trip to Seoul City this Fall to give back. Stay tuned for more! Thank you for being on this journey with me.

a one love hero

Ramesh in Norway. Another one of his philanthropic projects where he supports studies for orcas and humpback whales!

Ramesh in Norway. Another one of his philanthropic projects where he supports studies for orcas and humpback whales!



Meet Ramesh, one of the kindest, biggest hearted people I've ever met. During my Nov. 2016 trip to our shelter in India, I received a text message from my friend Donnie Edwards who said he wanted to connect me to his friend in Bangalore, which is where our shelter is. I went to Ramesh's office and instantly, he wanted to know all about One Love and what we were doing for kids. Within 15 minutes of meeting, he said, "Kim, here's what I want to do for you, I'm going to sponsor renovating your entire shelter. My staff will manage the contractors, the work, and make sure we are as efficient as possible as we know this will be an interruption for the kids." 

What?! Did I hear that correctly? I was speechless. Here I am thinking I'm just meeting a newfound friend for lunch, I know nothing about him, not even his last name, and this hero has appeared. This was unbelievable. I just stared at him and continued to nod my head yes as he spoke about how he wanted to help. 

Here are before/after images of the toilet. More pictures to come on my next visit to see our kids. Thank you Ramesh! I only hope that you can get how much this means to us.

What I am so present to is the magic of life, and how you never know what's going to come your way next, and at any moment you could choose to be the hero. You could offer to help a stranger on the street who looks lost, you could buy lunch for the homeless person you see time-and-time again on that same corner. 

All we have is the moment that we're in. Cherish what you have and believe that anything is possible.

Toilet AFTER

Toilet AFTER


Have you seen the Netflix movie "Twinsters"? Meet @samfuterman and @anaisfb, twins from Korea, separated at birth, adopted by different families. Sam grew up in the US, Anais is France. After seeing this movie, about 2 months later their foundation @kindredadoption reached out to me to share my story. I was deeply humbled by the synchronicity of it all as I had literally just watched their movie. Read my story on the Kindred Adoption blog HERE and watch their movie!! It's incredibly touching and a beautiful story 🙏🏼💓

a heart-warmer

Here's a heart-warming story you must hear... Meet two of our One Love Heroes ❤️, Donnie & Kathryn Edwards (@d1944 @katedwards8). When I was in India this past Nov. Donnie texted me saying he has a buddy in Bangalore he wants me to meet. How great! I have maybe 2 friends there so I was excited, plus knowing Donnie, he only hangs with good eggs. Next thing I know I'm meeting with his friend Ramesh and within 15 minutes of meeting he says, "Kim, here's what I want to do for you, I'm going to sponsor renovating your entire shelter. My staff will manage the contractors, the work, and make sure we are as efficient as possible as we know this will be an interruption for the kids." Wait, what?! Did you really just say that?! I was floored and in disbelief. My head was struggling processing this but my heart knew this was the real thing ❤. Wow. A new, clean space for my kids with proper electricity, plumbing, etc. this was something I always dreamed of but had no idea how or when. Thank you Donnie for the surprise connection and for sharing about One Love! Thank you Ramesh for knocking my socks off and for your compassion & heart. This is a dream come true 🙌🏼. Before/after pics will be up soon! 🤗❤ Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays everyone! 

finding gratitude amongst chaos

With the holidays just around the corner, we are reminded to count our blessings, to be grateful, and to give to others. It was Election Day for the United States, November 9th, 2016 and for India it was the announcement of rupee notes being pulled from circulation with new notes on their way. Two weeks into my trip to India, with no given notice the Prime Minister discontinued 500 and 1000 rupee notes from the economy. Imagine waking up and Obama saying that $5 and $20 bills are no longer valid, that's the translation of what happened here.

Two reasons, the black market and Indian money funding terrorism. If this rollout were to be effective in eliminating the dishonest, there could be no notice given. Patrons will not lose their money as old notes can be deposited into bank accounts through the end of the year to receive credit. There are limits on deposits and withdrawals to assist with “catching the dishonest”.

The chaos, the lines to the banks are hours and the ATMs are sold out because they did not print enough new money before roll out. Additionally, the new money is a different size and density from the old money so it was not considered that now the ATMs cannot dispense the new money properly.

As an American traveling in India, this wouldn't be so bad if India took credit cards but most establishments do not. Unless it's an Americanized company like a Starbucks, or a larger chain such as a movie theater or food market, this country operates on solely cash. Experiencing first hand this change really does give eye-opening insight as to how underdeveloped the Indian infrastructure is, and in general a glimpse of how poor countries may operate. 

I realize more than ever how much I love that I get to live in America. While I love to travel and experience culture, at the end of the day I get to come home to my country. With a couple weeks left here in India, though I have little access to money, this is still turning out to be the most beautiful trip. Indians are the most loving people I’ve ever met. I say this not as a one-time thing but in all of my five trips to India, this has been my experience. Their welcoming way, the way they bless you on the street and invite in a perfect stranger, me, into their home for food and tea. I’ve come to know that this is just their way.

Yesterday I was at my friend Chandrakantha’s house. She is 80 years old and one of the most beautiful people. Every time I see her, she insists on feeding me so now I know to say “yes” or I come across as rude. I couldn’t get over how loving she was so I kept saying “thank you” clearly to ad nauseam because finally she said, “How many times you say thank you? That’s all you say. Can’t you see this is our duty? This is who we are, we are here to serve.”  

As you enter the holidays you may find yourself sitting in more traffic, longer lines at the shopping malls, and be surrounded by family or friends you generally don’t have the patience for. Remember what you do have in those moments is perspective and your offering of love. At any given time you have the ability to see something different. You just have to choose it. Your mother who drives you crazy, be grateful you have a mom. The agony of traffic, be grateful you have a car and two eyes to drive with. The annoyance of long shopping lines, be love, say hello and make a friend while standing in line.

life on purpose

The right people and the right circumstances always come together magically and I don't take any of this for granted. My time here in India is nothing short of magical. Last week I met a fellow American traveler, Shannon, where in getting to know each other I had mentioned that I write for Yoga Digest Magazine. She then said, "Oh! I'm only in India because of an article I read in Yoga Digest two years ago." It turns out that I wrote the article she was inspired by to book her trip to India. What?! Wow, the synchronicity of this was dumbfounding. She just happened to read that article, I just happened to be the writer, and two years later we find ourselves meeting in India. 🙌🏼💛
With just 2 more weeks left here, I approach each day with real listening and an eager heart to do good. I am humbled by my experiences in India and undoubtedly see that even bigger things are coming. Every day I get to live out my dreams, every day something happens that brings me closer to my vision. Thank you God, thank you The Universe. 🙏🏼💛


the world is One Family

This is why I love India! I have yet again, another story about a stranger's love. This is Sara! I just met her today and immediately she insisted I come over and she will cook for me. She made me homemade poori (fried dough), an omelet, tomato chutney, and masala tea. It was so incredibly yummy. I got to meet her two sisters, her mom, a cousin and a niece. They were all so excited to have me--a stranger off the street--in their home. Four times the mom grabbed my hands, held my face, kissed my forehead and told me I was sent by God to help kids. Wow. What?! Is this really happening? I was so moved and touched by this family's loving way. India is the most loving, welcoming culture I've ever experienced. This kind of love comes my way every single time I'm here, it's not just a one-time thing, it's countless because Indians believe that we are ONE FAMILY. I'm so grateful that this is my life. Thank you God, thank you The Universe for these blessings.

believe in your wildest dreams

There's nothing more heart-warming and comforting than someone who gets you. A few weeks back I got to spend time with my dear friend & One Love Ambassador Sheri Matthews who gave me a care package for my trip to India which I was about to embark on. Along with hand sanitizer, TUMS, you name it was this Oprah magazine and there was a note inserted dated Jan. 2018 and here's what it said: "Dear Kim, Thought you'd like a copy of my magazine you're in. So proud of you, keep being you, love Oprah!" ❤️ If you know me at all you'll know that Oprah is my end-all and that one day she will be a One Love Ambassador, that is my dream. When I got this "manifesting Oprah" gift from Sheri I was so moved, my face hurt from smiling, and I felt like I was walking on air. For Sheri to do this, no doubt she gets who I am, she's gets that all I do is dream, and no matter how far-fetched my dreams she believes in me. Thank you Sheri! I love you to pieces, you have no idea. 🙌🏼💜

life in their shoes

After school chores include carrying water from a well down the street. I'm so impressed & inspired by these kids. For me when my yoga bag gets too heavy I complain😳. What ever you're doing right now, make a plan to experience something different. You have to get yourself out with new people, witness how others live, and feel culture to gain new perspective. It doesn't have to be grandiose... volunteer for an afternoon, shadow someone, get in their shoes, be curious. I promise you, it will change you 🙏🏼



why the One Love Shelter?

One day my 84 year old yoga client asked me, "how did you adopt your shelter in India, and why that shelter and why India?" I didn't realize until she asked me this that it all came together when I learned to step back and let life shape how it was supposed to. I naturally want to control the outcome of something or want to know how it’s going to turn out before it does. 

It was never a goal or a mission for The One Love Movement to adopt a shelter, it was never an aspiration to work in India. For the longest time I was very attached to how I wanted things to be as I grew One Love and when things didn't go how I had planned I would think it was a sign that maybe this was not my calling, maybe I was supposed to be doing something else.

Fall 2014 I went to India to volunteer. I was in Rishikesh then decided to fly South to Bangalore out of a simple Instagram conversation. Prachi, co-founder along with Amit, of a local Indian organization called Leave UR Mark (LUM) had invited me to come volunteer with them through commenting on one of my Instagram posts! LUM places international travelers with volunteer programs in Bangalore, Goa, and Mumbai.

It was on this trip that I realized I didn't need to have the entire life of One Love mapped out. I realized that magic happens in those spaces when you are completely present and have freed your grip on things. I realized that the people you need most show up in those magical moments. I realized that I didn't need to know what I was going to do with One Love or how I was going to get there because I knew my WHY—to help kids that I see myself in, kids who may never get the blessed life that I get to live from being an orphan adopted. 

I’ll never forget Amit’s words, “I want to take you to this small shelter, there’s something about these boys, they are very special.” Three trips later it's Fall 2015, I went back to see the kids and I just knew. In that moment, there was no question, no discussion, no asking anybody what they thought. Dedicating One Love to helping these kids was answering my WHY. 

Be willing to give your whole heart to your life but then also be willing to step back and let things go. Trust that there’s something bigger than you out there, trust that there’s a bigger plan, far bigger than your mind can fathom. Let go and the right things will show up.

Thank you Prachi and Amit! I am so grateful for the work you do and for connecting me to these kids. To volunteer India, check out Leave UR Mark.

how quickly I can make something right, wrong

It's been 11 days since I left home to India, and was still feeling complacent up until yesterday. This is my 5th trip back and because of that I have the expectation that I should just be able to slide into life here, and since I had not been able to, something was wrong. My mind was telling me things like, "what do you think you're doing? why are you here? you don't fit in" ....Ah, the joys of being in my head, and how quickly I can make something right, wrong. 
Meet Praveena, she is a shop owner in Bangalore and this is her shop. Out of nowhere she asked me where I was from and within minutes she had told me to come back Saturday and she would have home cooked meal for me. And so I returned to her shop yesterday and sure enough, she had lunch waiting for me, an amazing vegetarian biryani. Today she is picking me up and taking me to her home. This is India. This is what makes this culture so unique and special. From my very first trip this is how it's been. Strangers off the street inviting me in for tea or dinner, offering to give me a ride to my next stop. And the beauty inside all of this is that I feel no hesitation, I say YES immediately, I feel safe and cared for by complete strangers.

because of YOU.....

I remember thinking 5 years ago, I just want to raise $100k to help kids. This morning, I opened my computer and woke up to the realization that we have surpassed the $100k mark! Total dollars raised to-date $109k! WOW. I'm blown away, so humbled and grateful for this community. It's not just the dollars donated but it's the energy that surrounds us, the good vibes, the way people talk about One Love and help spread our message, the way people show up whether it's in-person at our events or praying for us. THANK YOU. YOU made this happen. With this money we've supported projects in Haiti, Thailand, Cambodia, India, Uganda, and just as important, we keep a large portion of your money locally here in the U.S. to help the kids in our own backyard. So far San Diego and San Francisco but that's changing! We're taking on new cities in the U.S. starting next year.
THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart ❤️

angels on earth?

This past week has proven to me that angels are not fairytale figures who fly around with a halo overhead, rather they are real-life people who look like you and me, who have a schedule just like the rest of us, who stress out, who want to be their best, who make mistakes, who sometimes feel like they aren't good enough..... just like you and me.
I am writing this post to humbly acknowledge a "silent angel investor" who came into my life, is passionate about helping kids, and wants nothing more than to make a difference out in the world. This person is a yogi, a big-time movie producer, and a parent. Because of their sponsorship, your ticket purchase to our 5th annual One Love charity yoga event will be a 100% donation towards kids here in San Diego, and to our One Love shelter in India.
Ahh, my heart is beaming and it's moments like this that make my eyes well, my pulse quicken, and that inspire me to keep on following my heart, take chances, and trust how it will all unfold.
This person has asked to remain anonymous because they wanted to give without all the fuss. Thank you to our One Love Angel. We have no words. Just know we are so incredibly grateful.
Friends! We hope you will join us for this very special event, Sat. 9/24 at Waterfront Park, downtown San Diego. Tickets start at $22, more info at ❤️

breathing bigger... wisdom from my parents

Do you ever have those moments as an adult where you don't want to admit it, but your parents really did know what they were talking about when you were growing up? I remember resisting my parents like crazy because they knew nothing and I knew everything. Here are a few simple wisdoms from my parents that after many years, I’m still working through. 
Thank you Mom & Dad.


I continue to relearn over and over why, as a kid, my parents used to tell me to count to ten when I was upset. They were asking me to breathe. They were asking me to think before I spoke harsh words. They were asking me to take a time out before I would regret any actions.

Here I am today, a grown adult and I’m still practicing the act of counting to ten. You would think it would get easier but in fact it’s harder, for me anyways. It’s harder because I’m more stubborn. It’s harder because I have not outgrown the fact that I think I know best. It’s harder because if it were easy I would feel like I’m missing something, as if I’m doing it wrong because I’m so used to the struggle being real.

Rather than jumping to conclusions, isn’t it better to take a breather? I can be fiery, I can be reactive, and when I discipline myself to count to ten (or sometimes 10,000), I see things differently, I see things clearer, I am more open-minded and willing to see something different.


My mom used to say to me (and she still does), “If it were a snake it would have bit you.” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve missed what’s right in front of me. From something as minor as I can’t find my keys and they end up being where I always put them, to something as grandiose as great people doing great things right in front of me, and where was I?

Essentially what my parents were asking me to do was to pay attention, focus, be conscious, be present so that I could take in what’s before me.

I was in the post office one day to ship a package and I’ll never forget a comment that one of the postal clerks said to me. This changed my life. He said, “Everyone in line here is always rushing. When it’s their turn to come to the counter I’m not sure they see me. They just want to get to the next thing, but I wonder if they even know where they’re going?”


Famous last words out of my Mom’s mouth, “Honey, if you just would have listened the first time.” Shoulda, woulda, coulda, right? I don’t want to write about wallowing in self-indulgent regret, however, listening is what will make or break our world. We’re all so eager to get the last word in, to interrupt so we don’t forget what we have to say, to zone out because we’re busy creating our own come back. 

We think good communication lies in our words, but good communication is also listening.  There’s nothing better to have in a relationship than someone who gets you, someone who makes you feel heard. What if you were that for someone? Who do you think feels gotten by you?


Let’s face it, we are all mortal beings. As much as that saddens and scares me to think about, none of us will live forever.

Ever so often my mom will remind me that she’s not going to be here forever so she needs to see and hear from me more. Okay, my heart is actually breaking and my eyes welling as I say that, but she’s right. I live as though my Mom will be here forever. My parents adopted me and my older sister when we were just months old because they wanted to give love to kids who didn’t have a home. My Dad passed away when I was 13. He died of cancer and it was devastating to our family. The unfortunate truth is that oftentimes we have to have something devastating happen or a “close call” in order to reconfigure our priorities and our love for people.


My Mom is what forgiveness is. I used to get so angry with her because I couldn’t understand why she wasn’t upset with so-and-so, or how she could even be around that person after what they did. I couldn’t understand how she could find such forgiveness. It would make me angry because I felt I had to intervene and protect her, I felt she didn’t have a backbone or that she was a pushover. Wrong, Kim. I was the one who didn’t have the backbone to stand up and be bold enough to forgive. I was the one walking around with a heavy heart where my Mom was light and free because she could find forgiveness. 

What if we all saw other’s wrongdoings or shortcomings as an opportunity to exercise our heart’s capacity to still love? What if we realized that we did those same things too? Maybe it’s not just about forgiving others but about forgiving ourselves for the times we let someone down, or for the times we let ourselves down.