The One Love Ambassador Program is a group of individuals who have been selected to represent the One Love Movement as a representative in their community to help grow the movement locally and globally. Our ambassadors are at the forefront of our movement - mobilizing their community to get involved and directly impacting our movement's reach. It is our dream to someday have a One Love Ambassador in every major city in the US and around the World.


Who can serve as a One Love ambassador?

One Love Ambassador are dedicated and passionate about the One Love Movement and are committed to the cause. Ambassador embrace the philosophy that we, as human beings, are all one and what we do here today can truly have an impact that can be felt around the World. Ambassadors inspire others to come together to spread compassion and to support under-represented communities, locally & globally, through selfless action and giving.

If you embody these qualities, we welcome you with open arms to join our community and help grow the One Love vision through fierce humanitarian efforts and bold action.

What is the role of a One Love ambassador?

  1. Become familiar with the One Love Mission, our humanitarian work and beneficiaries.

  2. Promote the One Love Mission within your community in order to spread awareness of the One Love Movement’s  humanitarian efforts and cause.

  3. Actively be involved in the One Love Community and support other One Love Ambassador in their efforts.

  4. Raise funds and increase the impact of  the Movement by organizing One Love Fundraisers.

  5. Inspire and mobilize your community to get involved with the movement by:

    • Introducing  various ways to contribute to the cause

    • Participating in spreading the message

    • Encouraging others to become One Love Ambassador themselves

The One Love ambassador Commitment

We require the following time commitment from each Ambassador:

  1. A (1) year commitment with the opportunity to extend as the year commitment approaches.

  2. Warriors should expect to dedicate an average of 1-2 hours a week to The One Love Movement and more hours as your fundraising event approaches.

  3. There will be  (2) scheduled phone meetings per month;

    • (1) group conference call

    • (1) one-on-one call with your assigned Coordinator. 

Each Warrior is responsible for growing the One Love mission in their community through the following:

  1. Engage Your Local Community

    • Encourage local involvement through volunteer opportunities

    • Seek out local sponsors

    • Inspire local participation

    • Recruit additional ambassadors

  2. Social Media Presence

    • Promote One Love on Social Media by Posting  2xs /mo with the expectation of more when your event is approaching.

  3. Increase Our Impact by Hosting a One Love Fundraiser

    • Fundraising minimum goal of $2k/year.

    • Can host between 1-3 events per year to reach fundraising goal.

What You Receive as a One Love ambassador

By choosing to be a One Love Warrior, you are choosing not only to belong to a community that aligns with your vision of higher purpose and impact, but also to foster a stronger sense of community within your own city based around the common goal of serving others. The tools that you will acquire through this program will allow you to develop leadership skills and be a catalyst for social change. Together, we have the power to shift global consciousness through selfless action and support of underserved populations thereby creating ONE global community.

As a member of our team, you will receive group support from your peers as well as one-on-one support from your mentor to ensure the most success and impact in your community. One Love will support and cross promote your fundraising efforts and highlight the work you are doing locally. Each ambassador will also receive a Warrior "Tool Kit" to prepare you and guide you for a successful year with us as well as One Love swaaaag!

Apply to Become a One Love ambassador!

Apply to become one of our One Love Warriors. Deadline is December 29, 2017 for January selections. Position start date will be January 15, 2018.

We require the following per application:

  • Application
  • Cover Letter
  • Resume
  • Links to Social Media and/or Website


For any general questions about the One Love Ambassador Program, please email